2018/2019 United Way Campaign Chair

Johnny O’Hare, President/CEO of Cherokee Strip Credit Union, will serve as United Way campaign chair for the upcoming 2018/2019 campaign.

Johnny was born in Chicago, the oldest child in a traditional blue-collar family, with dad a journeyman electrician and member of IBEW Local 134, and mom a homemaker. After high school, he moved to Milwaukee where he earned a bachelor’s degree from Marquette University, and later a CPA certification from the State of Georgia, and diploma from the Graduate School of Banking at LSU in Baton Rouge. Johnny has served financial institutions since his career began in 1983, first joining a savings and loan that was part of a regulatory Phoenix program, where underperforming S&L’s were merged with a healthy one to minimize losses to the Federal Savings & Loan Insurance Corp (FSLIC). Six years later he joined a community bank in central Florida, progressed through mergers to a global bank, and most recently served defense credits in our nation’s Heartland as CFO, CIO, and CEO. Johnny and Jan have been married for 26 years, and have one daughter, Shannon. He serves on several local boards, as well as the Oklahoma Credit Union Political Action Committee. Both Johnny and Cherokee Strip Credit Union believe in the strength and resilience of the citizens of Kay County, and strive to serve them well. This includes community service with the intention of remaining a vibrant corporate citizen. Given the challenging times we live in, where not all of our neighbors have recovered from the Great Recession, he believes the mission of United Way is more relevant than ever to the many downstream agencies that provide a real, tangible, daily impact as boots on the ground to families in need – many of whom could not financially, physically, or emotionally get through the day without this help. Our United Way mission cannot be achieved alone. It takes a village - and Johnny, Executive Director Melissa Young, the Board, its Allocations Committee, and the many, many volunteers and donors behind the scenes will work together to make this year’s Campaign a successful and memorable one. Whether business, family, or individual, when YOU are asked to give this year, please consider the absolute maximum you can share to make a real difference, and then add $10 to that – the difference between a family eating for a week, or simply going hungry without hope. What a great community we are blessed to live in! Collectively, let’s continue to MAKE a difference, and BE the difference. Many thanks to Brad Dierlam of Phillips 66 for his leadership and vision as prior Campaign Chair, and thank you Ponca City and Kay County - for your past support, and your extra generous donation to the United Way in 2018. Let’s Celebrate, United!