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Domestic Violence Program


The Domestic Violence Program of North Central Oklahoma, Inc. has began serving the Ponca City community in 1979.  Though 28 years have passed, the goal of the Domestic Violence Program remains the same: to assist individuals and families in escaping violence in their lives and to begin to move past the violence to a protected and secure future for themselves and their children.  To accomplish this goal, the Program offers many services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.  However, they are best known for the emergency safe shelter.  The shelter can provide safe housing for up to 24 individuals at one time giving them the opportunity and assistance in determining the best path to take to secure a non-violent future.  Last year, the Domestic Violence Program provided assistance to over 600 victims.

All residents of the Domestic Violence Program shelter are offered individual and group counseling by a licensed professional counselor.  Additionally, victims not requiring safe shelter may also receive this service.  Through this service, victims learn new ways to cope with their victimization and move forward to provide violence free homes to themselves and their children.  Services are individualized depending on the victim’s needs.  Last year, Domestic Violence Program assisted over 760 victims of abuse.

The Domestic Violence Program is a key player in Kay County’s Sexual Assault Response Team.  This response team is comprised of trained advocates, law enforcement personnel, and a forensic nurse examiner.  The trained victim advocate assists the victim through the evidence collection process and begins the road to recovery.  In addition to providing an advocate to the team, the Domestic Violence Program manages the examination site.  Last year, 20 Kay County victims received this service.

The Domestic Violence Program provides services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in North Central Oklahoma.  In addition to safe shelter, professional counseling, court advocacy and sexual assault response, the program offers assistance with food, clothing, transportation, relocation assistance, safety planning, empowerment planning and referral.  Crisis intervention services through the 762-2873 line are available 24 hours a day.  Education programs designed to inform professionals, educators, civic groups, religious groups, students, service providers and potential victims about domestic violence and sexual assault are available upon request.

Domestic violence is very real and happens daily in Ponca City.  For many, it is easy to shrug and think, “that would never happen to me!”  The painful reality is that when crime is “someone else’s problem” it becomes our greatest threat.  Many Ponca Citians face the fear of physical, emotional or sexual abuse daily without knowing what will trigger the violence from one moment to the next. 

Strengthening and empowering individuals and families are heavily dependent on the strong base of community members volunteering their time and resources for the Program and its clients.  A part of each donation to the United Way will make it possible for the Domestic Violence Program to continue providing these crucial services to victims in the area.  By giving to the United Way, you are a part of a community who shares its hope for the future and its responsibility to community members.

The goal of United Way is to help make lasting changes in people’s lives, right where people live.  With the help of United Way and agencies like the Domestic Violence Program - changes are happening every day.

United Way helps support the following 13 member agencies: American Red Cross, Arthritis Foundation, Boy Scouts-Cimarron Council, Child Development Center, Domestic Violence Program of North Central Oklahoma, Girl Scouts – Bluestem Council, Golden Villa Adult Day Services, New Emergency Resource Agency, Northern Oklahoma Youth Services, Peachtree Landing, RSVP, The Salvation Army, and the YMCA.  Results you can see.

For more information on United Way and its member agencies call 580.765.2476.