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United Way Allocations

The United Way Allocation Committee, which is composed of one-third board members and two-thirds community representatives, is responsible for allocating your donations to agencies in our community who are working to better the lives of our friends and neighbors.

The hardest part of serving on the committee, according to Donna Trewitt, Committee Chairman, is not having enough money to allocate to each agency. Allocating limited dollars is a very difficult and time-consuming job!

Each member of the Allocations Committee works to ensure that the needs of Ponca City residents are met in the most cost-efficient manner possible.

Each agency must submit a packet to United Way which includes:
  • A mission statement
  • A description of its projects and services
  • An audit or financial review of the previous year's funds
  • A projected budget for the coming year
  • The number of clients served
  • The impact that service had on their clients or the community - the "outcomes" of that service

All the committee members study the documents submitted by the agencies, but two committee members are assigned to study each agency in depth, meet with its director and board representatives and serve as a liaison between the committee and the agency.

For more information on the allocations process or if you are interested in serving on the United Way Allocations Committee in the future, contact Helene Schwartz at 580.765.2476 or by e-mail.